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Tobacco Logistics Management System

 1. System Overview

To realize the high-efficiency operation in the tobacco companies, and try not to change too much the current logistics warehouse modes, they adopt RFID pallets to mark the tobacco, making the tobacco barcode message acquisition system acquire the related messages simply and rapidly. They need also consider the RFID application being able to combine with the current warehouse system organically. The project is designed by making use of the real demand of tobacco business companies, combine the features of RFID: contactless, large memory, fast reading speed, etc. It mainly uses the central database to combine the RFID tag and the pallets with the tag. By reading the data inside the RFID tag, we can get the whole pallet tobacco information accordingly.

With the combination of the RFID tag and the tobacco stack messages with the corresponding warehouse management systems(such as warehouse electronic map system, digital warehouse management system), making the warehouse management to the areas, management to the pallets, management to the tobacco, etc. Enhance the inventory check efficiency, reduce the mistakes effectively.

2. System Characteristics
a. Damages during the logistics greatly decreased
b. High operation efficiency
c. Meet the demand of mechanism and automation during the operations
d. Realization of the national whole-sided surveillance and management to all the tobacco enterprises
e. Enhancement of the visibility to the inventory, production process, assets, supply chains and the optimal planning of the supply chains, reasonable resource flow to shorten the delivery cycle, reduce the stock, lower the cost, increase the speed and precision